Ride and Talk - #87 Edgar Heinrich — 30 Years of BMW Motorrad Design!

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Looking back at the last 30 years, it’s hard to think of anyone who has had a larger influence on what we see as BMW Motorrad, than Edgar Heinrich. A designer with a vision, Edgar has brought to us the modern look and feel of several iconic BMW Motorcycle models. During our interview I was stricken with Edgar's knowledge and passion, but most of all the humility of a man who began with a simple love for design and motorcycles, and shaped this into what has become a legacy of tenacity, perseverance, and success.

Ride and Talk - #86 Reiner Fings — Setting the Pace With the new R 1300 GS!

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There are many important roles that comprise the creation of a new motorcycle. But it’s hard to think of any role more critical than that of a product manager. Throughout development, this individual works with all of the people involved in the project, shaping the product from a concept to the motorcycle that we as riders ultimately see and experience.

This is the role that Reiner Fings has played for many iconic BMW motorcycles, most recently the new BMW R 1300 GS. Just one day after the worldwide launch of the GS, Reiner sits down and tells us about his entry into BMW Motorrad, and the path that has led to the latest iteration of BMW’s most iconic motorcycle.

Ride and Talk - #85 Jason Gale — Riding on the Epic Backcountry of Tasmania!

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Part of the magic of motorcycle riding is meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Their stories inspire us to go to new places and take on adventures that we may not have otherwise considered.

Recently one of our podcast listeners suggested that my producer Louise Powers and I interview Jason Gale, a motorcycle enthusiast who lives, rides and organizes riding groups in his home country of Tasmania. This is a special interview for me, not just because Tasmania is on my bucket list of places to explore. It’s also an opportunity to share with you, our listeners, that in addition to people who work or are celebrities in the motorcycle industry, the Ride and Talk Podcast is also about hearing from those of you who have a passion for motorcycles and want to share that passion for the lifestyle we all love

Ride and Talk - #84 Backcountry Discovery Routes – Exploring the USA on an Adventure Motorcycle!

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Anyone who visits the USA will quickly come to realize how big the country is, and how challenging it can be to choose where to go and what to see. This is especially true for those who wish to ride an adventure motorcycle and go beyond where the pavement ends.

To help solve this problem, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts founded the Backcountry Discovery Routes, a non-profit organization dedicated to charting and maintaining routes so adventure and dual-sport riders can explore and enjoy the country. Recently my producer Louise Powers and I sat down with BDR Board President Tim James and BDR Ambassador Wendy Naessens, who helped us understand the origins, offerings and a glimpse into the future of the Backcountry Discovery Routes.

Ride and Talk - #83 Design – Designing the Newest and Most Cutting Edge BMW Motorcycles!

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Designing the newest and most cutting edge BMW motorcycles. Take a listen!

Ever since my passion for BMW Motorrad began, I’ve had an insatiable desire to understand the inner workings of the company. Throughout the years, I’ve tried to piece together the journey that each motorcycle takes from concept to reality. Some of these steps are of course highly confidential, and therefore very difficult for outsiders to fully visualize. So it was very exciting for my producer Louise Powers and I to be invited to the BMW Motorrad Design Studio in Munich where we interviewed Alexander Buckan and Harry Schmidt, both part of new vehicle strategy and design.

As we interview Alex and Harry, you will hear the sounds of a bustling machine shop where new model prototypes are being constructed. Together we discuss the process of developing new models, and talk about the future of motorcycles, including cutting edge electric platforms and urban mobility.

Ride and Talk - #82 Motoism — The Process of Designing and Building Custom Motorcycle Parts!

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Coming up on today’s BMW Motorrad Ride and Talk podcast: Customizing our motorcycles using both time honored techniques and cutting edge technologies. Take a listen!

Recently during a trip to Munich we sat down with Ben Ott with Motoism, a company that specializes in custom motorcycle parts design and manufacturing. My producer Louise Powers and I were given a tour of their facility, and talked with Ben about how Motoism came to be and what they offer. During this interview, Ben helps us understand how the process of designing and building custom motorcycle parts has evolved to utilize the latest materials and cutting edge technology, and what this may mean for the future of customizing motorcycles.

Ride and Talk - #81 Udo Wattendorf — Unveiling the Art of Helmet Design and Manufacturing!

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Many years ago, I was taken on a tour of a facility that manufactures BMW Helmets, hosted by Udo Wattendorf, part of the helmet development team at BMW. Throughout the day Udo showed us how BMW helmets are designed, tested, and built. This was easily one of the most fascinating professional experiences I’ve ever had, not the least of which due to the knowledge and enthusiasm radiated by Udo.

Today, Udo remains a key developer of helmets at BMW. And just like so many years ago, he is incredibly knowledgeable, well spoken and enthusiastic. My producer Louise Powers and I sat down with Udo in Munich to discuss helmet design, the materials used, and the importance of the people that bring concepts to reality.

Ride and Talk - #80 Fred Jakobs — Diving Into the Exciting History of 100 Years BMW Motorrad!

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Those of us that follow the history of BMW know that Munich, Germany is where it all started. More than 100 years ago, a small group of designers and engineers were producing airplane and vehicle engines, and in 1923 developed and sold their first complete, production motorcycle. 100 years later, the very first building inhabited by BMW still stands, and now features a museum dedicated to vehicles and artifacts that highlight BMW’s diverse history. Today, we sit down with Fred Jakobs, head archivist of the BMW Group. Together, we discuss some of the remarkable exhibits on display at the museum, and come to understand Fred’s perspective on the rich history of BMW Motorrad.

Ride and Talk - #79 Kris Hall — An Ordinary Guy Traveling the World!

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Sometimes when we meet a person who’s engaged in something extraordinary, we might look at them and think to ourselves, “I want to be more like this person. I want the drive and courage and skill to do what this person is doing.” Last July, my producer Louise Powers and I met Kris Hall at BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin, and I thought to myself, “Kris is one of those people.” Unlike those who seem born to tackle insurmountable obstacles in life, Kris was just an ordinary guy with a house, a family and a dream; a dream to travel the world on a motorcycle. And when Kris saw a chance to make his dream come true, he did what it took to make it happen! Recently, during a break in his travels, we got to sit down with Kris and learn about his amazing journey, what inspired him, and where he plans to go next…

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